ALMOST HEAVEN (2017) 72 mins

Almost Heaven (2017)

ALMOST HEAVEN follows Ying Ling, a 17 year-old girl far from home, as she trains to become a mortician in one of China’s largest funeral homes. An intimate, tender and life-affirming portrait of a young woman on the cusp of adulthood.

Winner of the Best Documentary at the British Independent Film Awards, Double Nominee at Berlin International Film Festival.

Available to watch on iTunes, Amazon and BFI player.
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UNEARTHING THE PEN (2011) 12 mins

Unearthing the Pen

UNEARTHING THE PEN is portrait of a young Ugandan goat-herder and his desire to go to school, but the odds are against him, as his elders have put a curse on his education.

Screenings at over 60 festivals including IDFA and Sheffield Doc/Fest. Winner of 10 Awards including Best Documentary at Encounters, Al Jazeera’s Golden Award and Aesthetica Magazine’s Best Short Film.

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MAYOMI (2008) 50 mins


MAYOMI is about a young Sri Lankan woman who has to rebuild her life after the devastating Tsunami.  Filmed over three years, I followed Mayomi’s struggles to overcome the obstacles both inside and outside her troubled family. Homelessness, an alcoholic brother, disabled father, corruption and bureaucracy are some of the issues she has to deal with.

Winner of several awards with screenings internationally.

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SUNDAY (1997) 2mins

Screenshot 2018-11-07 at 17.07.34SUNDAY is a poetic montage of sounds and images of a typical English Sunday, looking at leisure, spiritual and consumer rituals. Screened at Sheffield Doc/Fest.

First Take Films award. (U.K. new directors scheme for ITV network).

35mm. Director & Editor.





MISSING THE TRAFFIC (1996) 10 mins

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 15.12.55 copy
MISSING THE TRAFFIC – a community is forced out of their home. Shirley is forced to leave her home of 22 years to make room for a road a widening scheme, that is subsequently cancelled.

Carlton TV for ITV (UK network)

16mm. Director, Producer, Camera & Editor.





PLEASURE ISLAND (1987) 2 min

Screenshot 2018-11-13 at 14.08.12 copy

PLEASURE ISLAND – a snapshot of the sights and sounds of Barry Island in South Wales.

Super 8. Director, Producer, Camera & Editor.

Screening at LSFF’s opening night gala in January 2019: Now! That’s What I Call 80’s Short Film







DANCE WITH ME (1998) 6 mins
A short drama about love and misunderstanding at a wedding. Anglia TV.

POND LIFE (1995) 10 mins
A story about growing old and caring for those around you who have grown old. Selected for Edinburgh Film Festival.